Mass Effect 3: A disturbing Story fact suposed to be confirmed

Wie bereits erwähnt beschäftigt mich das Mass Effect Universum extrem. Aktuell kursieren viele Inbformationen und Spekulationen über den kommenden dritten Teil der Mass Effect Trilogie. Was sich nun davon um Spekulation oder bestätigter Inhalt handelt, ist schwer zu differenzieren. Viele Magazine vermischen Fakten und Interpretationen ineinander. Aktuell gibt es einen grosssen geschichtlichen Punkt der als bestätigt gehandhabt wird in der Community aber hoffentlich nur eine Interpretation das Magazins, der dies geschrieben hat, ist. Da dieser mich enorm stört und der Entwickler Bioware mich extrem entäuscht, würde dies eintreffen, führe ich nun folgende Zeilen in Englisch weiter:

Fact by PC Gamer (PCG) stated as confirmed: Cerberus is working for the Reapers.

Kown is that Cerberus is after Shepard. And I have no problem that The Illusive Man (TIM) is hunting Shepard down. If you read the Mass Effect books you could get a cloue why. TIM hunts down all People who double crosses him. But for beeing a 300% PRO-Human Organistion spending all their Ressources fighting off the Reapers and saving Shepards life who was almost handed out to the Reapers by Shadowbroker, it is frustrating to read: they now work for the Reapers.

Lets summarize Cerberus Role in the particular games to underline my concern:

  • Mass Effect 1: Cerberus was a mysterious Organisation where you found some facilities with experiments on side missions.
  • Mass Effect 2: Cerberus has reaminated Shepard and works with him for the same goal – fighting off the reaper threat.
  • Mass Effect 3: Cerberus now works for the reapers?!

If fact: Bioware made the Storyplot about Cerberus too easy and are disapointing me. Possible Reason: TIM got indocrinated by the Reapers – As i already said, too easy. I hope this is really an interpretation from PCG and not really confirmed by Bioware.

This fact is more worst than following: Beeing able to drive the hammerhead in the Overlord ME2 DLC whithout having Firewalker Pack – where you actually found the Vehicle initially.

I really hope Bioware declines this fact soon and has a greater and exciting Reason why Cerberus is hunting down Shepard.